Scott Tinley, a 7th generation native Californian, is an accomplished teacher, author, and athlete. He teaches sport humanities courses at SDSU and CSUSM and has authored several books, including Racing the Sunset, a personal and in-depth study of athlete retirement and transition, and Finding Triathlon: How endurance sports explains the world.  Scott is a member of the USAT and Ironman Halls of Fame, a two-time Ironman World Champion, and has competed professionally in over 400 triathlons. Although professionally retired since 1999, Scott still participates in various sports and consults in sports marketing, race management and training curriculum development.

When he’s not teaching, writing, or competing, you can find Scott in a lifeguard tower just a short bike ride from his home in Del Mar. Scott also enjoys fine art and photography, playing guitar, a good bottle of wine, and spending time with his family and friends.

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